National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET)

Recognition of Awarding Bodies

Pursuing its mandate, NCVET regulates the functioning of Awarding Bodies engaged in vocational education and training, both long & short-term by establishing minimum standards for their functioning in form of ‘Guidelines for Recognition of the Awarding Bodies’. 

Guidelines attempt to standardize operations and outcomes of the Awarding Bodies (ABs) in the skills ecosystem through well-defined parameters, processes and templates with fixed responsibility and timelines.

Guidelines define an Awarding Body, its types, scope, recognition, tenure & process of recognition along with detailed parameters & their respective evidences.

The AB guidelines are structured as eligibility criteria and continuance criteria. The eligibility criteria ensure that ABs demonstrate required sustainable capacity earmarking the basic minimal organizational requirements and necessities. The continuation criteria ensure continuity of an awarding body based on its performance against the monitoring and evaluation parameters.

Continuous monitoring against more than 30 monitoring parameters forms an integral part of the guidelines which subsequently leads to risk rating of an AB. NCVET promotes self-regulation by inculcating the culture of self-improvement in the operations of an AB in order to improve their risk rating.

Delegation of regulation of training partners and assessment agencies to ABs by NCVET shows a mature and futuristic approach granting more autonomy to ABs. Guidelines ensure industry involvement & participation throughout the operations of an AB along with a robust grievance redressal mechanism.

Operational Manual of the Guidelines is an implementation tool which contain detailed evidences for each parameter, detailed steps for each process and templates for each document

Post recognition an AB would be able to issue NCVET recognised certificate with national validity in market relevant qualifications though better infrastructure & resources leading to better opportunities in the job market.