National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET)

Recognition of Assessment Agencies

The Guidelines for Recognition and Regulation of Assessment Agencies have been formulated in pursuance of the mandate of NCVET.  The guidelines draw up the contours of the norms of NCVET recognition, setting the overarching governance and effective working principles in line with globally recognized and accredited standards of quality assurance to ensure the identification and the sustenance of the best in class assessment agencies (AAs) in the skill ecosystem. For the same, various operational models for effective working of AAs have been detailed along with a robust mechanism of monitoring and evaluation based on well-defined parameters. Guidelines define scope, criteria, tenure and process of recognition of an Assessment Agency. Structured as eligibility and continuance criteria, the guidelines delineate yardstick on the basis of which recognition shall be granted to an Assessment Agency, while earmarking all criteria that they must continue to fulfil to retain their recognition.


Key features of the guidelines include centralized recognition of AAs, standardization of assessment processes, separation of assessment and awarding function in cases where awarding bodies have taken up the dual role of certification and assessment, self and delegated regulation, industry participation and performance linked categorization of AAs. 


For the purpose of evaluating performance, NCVET has developed a risk assessment framework, to identify risk category of Assessment Agencies. Agencies which continue to show good performance in terms of low risk will be incentivized whereas those continuously falling in medium or high risk shall be given opportunities for risk mitigation.