National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET)

National Skills Qualification Committee (NSQC)

The NSQF is anchored in National Council Vocational Education and Training (NCVET) and implemented through the National Skills Qualification Committee.

Minutes of NCVET-NSQC Meeting


Date of MeetingMoM of Nth NCVET - NSQC MeetingView/Download
29 September 202223rd MeetingPDF
25 August 202222nd MeetingPDF
28 July 202221st MeetingPDF
30 June 202220th MeetingPDF
26 May 202219th MeetingPDF
28 April 202218th MeetingPDF
31 March 202217th MeetingPDF
24 February 202216th MeetingPDF
27 January 202215th MeetingPDF
30 December 202114th MeetingPDF
25 November 202113th MeetingPDF
30 September 202112th MeetingPDF
31 August 202111th MeetingPDF
29th July 202110th MeetingPDF
24th June 20219th MeetingPDF
27th May 20218th MeetingPDF
25th Mar 20217th MeetingPDF
25th Feb 20216th MeetingPDF
29th Jan 20215th MeetingPDF
24th Dec 20204th MeetingPDF
20th Nov 20203rd MeetingPDF
22nd Sept 20202nd MeetingPDF
11th Aug 20201st MeetingPDF


Minutes of NCVET-NSQC Meeting (Hindi Version)

Minutes of NSDA-NSQC Meeting

Date of MeetingMinutes of Nth NCVET-NSQC Meeting (Hindi Version)View/Download
21 July 2020Minutes of 1st Meeting of NCVET held on 21.7.2020PDF
20 October 2020Minutes of 2nd meeting of NCVET held on 20.10.2020PDF
15 June 2021Minutes of Meeting 3rd NCVET Council meeting held on 15.06.2021PDF
11 November 2021Minutes of 4th NCVET Council Meeting held on 11th Nov 2021PDF
16 March 2022Minutes of Meeting 5th NCVET Council Meeting of held on 16 March 2022PDF
13 July 2022Minutes of Meeting 6th Council meeting held on 13.07.2022PDF
31 March 2022Minutes of Meeting 17th NSQC held on 31st March 2022PDF
28 April 2022Minutes of Meeting 18th NSQC held on 28.04.2022PDF
26 May 2022Minutes of Meeting 19th NSQC held on 26 May 2022PDF
30 June 2022Minutes of Meeting 20th NSQC held on 30th June 2022PDF
28 July 2022Minutes of Meeting 21st NSQC held on 28th July 2022PDF
Date of MeetingMoM of Nth NSDA - NSQC MeetingView/Download
25th June 202025th MeetingPDF
27th Feb 202024th MeetingPDF
22nd Aug 201923rd MeetingPDF
19th Dec 201822nd MeetingPDF
3rd Aug 201821st MeetingPDF
9th Apr 201820th MeetingPDF
5th Feb 201819th MeetingPDF
9th Oct 201718th MeetingPDF
22nd June 201717th MeetingPDF
12th Apr 201716th MeetingPDF
3rd Mar 201715th MeetingPDF
27th Jan 201714th MeetingPDF
28th Nov 201613th MeetingPDF
21st July 201612th MeetingPDF
19th Feb 201611th MeetingPDF
28th Sept 201510th MeetingPDF
5th Aug 20159th MeetingPDF
20th July 20158th MeetingPDF
18th June 20157th MeetingPDF
19th May 20156th MeetingPDF
22nd Apr 20155th MeetingPDF
26th Mar 20154th MeetingPDF
17th Dec 20143rd MeetingPDF
24th July 20142nd MeetingPDF
9th Jan 20131st MeetingPDF