National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET)
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Call for Honorary Services of the Subject Matter Experts at NCVET - CLICK HERE                                         Addendum to AB Guidelines - CLICK HERE                                          Application for Recognition as Consortium - Guidelines & Forms - CLICK HERE                                          Re-constitution of NSQC under NCVET - CLICK HERE                                         Contribute your rendering of the National Anthem of India at:                                         Amendment to Guidelines for Recognition & Regulation of Assessment Agencies posted at - CLICK HERE                                         For all proposals regarding Registration & Recognition of Awarding Bodies & Assessment Agencies and proposals for qualifications, please submit your files on "".                                          For any grievance related to Awarding Bodies (ABs), Assessment Agencies (AAs), Dual Recognition, etc, please mail at ""                     For any queries / grievances please forward your mail at ""           

Qualification Approval

Alignment of Qualifications to National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) based upon the level of knowledge, skills and aptitude.

Awarding Bodies

NCVET grants the recognition to Quality Awarding Bodies & regulates their functioning through set standards, norms and procedures as mentioned in its Guidelines.​​​​​​​

Assessment Agencies

NCVET grants the recognition to Quality Assessing Agencies & regulates the functioning through standardised norms, procedures and continuous quality governance .

Welcome to NCVET

The National Council of Vocational Education and Training (NCVET), notified on December 5, 2018 has been set up as an overarching regulator establishing regulations and standards to ensure quality in the TVET space, subsuming the responsibilities of National Skill Development Agency (NSDA) and the erstwhile National Council of Vocational Training (NCVT).       About NCVET